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10 Minutes a Night is all it takes!

2020 is the best time to adopt my 10 minute a night beauty routine to maintain youthful looking skin and looking beautiful every day without getting expensive, painful fillers or plastic surgery. 

I believe beauty regimens are a pleasurable form of disciplined self care.  It's your time to nurture your outer self and reboot from a day of living life.  It'll become time you'll look forward to escape the stresses of the day doing something nice just for you. Self care is really important to your physical well-being but also for your mental health. You'll feel better right away. Ten minutes before bedtime is a short amount of time and effort to spend for maintaining your beauty.  It's what I do and have been doing since I was a teenager. I've been happy with the results and others have noticed, too.  These are my proven beauty rules and I want to share them with you!   2020 is the perfect time to start or refresh your habits. 

Jill Harth's 7 Beauty Rules & Resolutions for 2020

1)~ I will wash my face gently every night before I go to sleep.  (No matter how tired I am.)  Consistency is what's important.  It makes a big difference in warding off other problems that can develop from not cleansing your face and eyes.   Here's what I use: Hydrating Cleansing Cream.


2) ~ I will remove my eye makeup every night with a product designed for the eye area and a cotton pad.  (Don't use baby oil or Vaseline, not good for the eye area and it causes irritation as it doesn't rinse off easily.)   I will take off every bit of my makeup every night no matter how tired I am. Like Nike says, just do it!  Leaving eye makeup on overnight as a habit is a big No-No.  Just take the minute or two and do it!  It will save you future problems like getting skin growths & bumps on your eyelids or eye infections which are a very common result of leaving eye makeup on when you sleep. Once or twice a year is ok; every night is definitely not. I use the Dual Action Makeup Remover:


3) ~ I will gently massage in a nightly moisturizer to my face, neck, chest and hands before bed every night. Sleep time is when your body relaxes and repairs itself. It's your nightly reboot. Before you go to sleep is the most effective time to apply moisturizer and treatments. You should cleanse your skin and apply your treatment and/or moisturizer. Don't make the mistake of only wearing during the daytime. Use it both night and day.  I never skimp on using the Collagen Elastin Cream:


4) ~ I will apply an eye cream every night and I will use a product that is made just for the eye the area.  Don't skip eye cream.   The eye area is the most delicate area of your face. It has virtually no oil glands there and the area gets drier as we age. It's the first area of the face to show age.  The earlier you start applying eye cream, the less crows-feet and deep wrinkles you will get. Your eyes will look more aged if you don't wear eye cream unless you have fantastic genes  It's that simple.  If you care about looking timeless, use eye cream. 18 years old is not too early to start and NOW is the time to start if you haven't yet. I'm using the Peptide Eye Cream:


5)  I will sleep on my back (or at least try to).  I've learned that sleeping in other positions messes with your face over time.  One side will look different than the other side and it will throw off your facial symmetry. If you can adopt this change into your sleep regime, you will do something that in the long run will keep you  looking timeless. 

6)  I will wear a lip balm on my lips every night before bed. Softer, plumper and fuller lips will be your reward.  By morning you get dehydrated from being asleep.  If you don't protect your lips you will often have dry, chapped lips that look smaller. It's another habit that will pay off.  Nice looking lips are a very attractive feature. I use the Vitamin E Stick:


 7)  At least once a week ( preferably 2 or 3 times), I will spend an additional 3 minutes to gently exfoliate my skin.  It's best to use a scrub it in the morning but night time is fine, too.   You need to keep turning over the cells in order to slough off dead skin cells.  It will also help the treatments, moisturizers and cosmetics to go on easier and to stay on.  I use the Exfoliating Enzyme Facial Scrub.


Here are the products I mentioned above. Just click to add them in your cart.

 Wishing you more time for self care in 2020!




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