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Jill's Training,  Background & Inspiration

New York based celebrity makeup artist Jill Harth
Celebrity Makeup Artist & Founder of Jill Harth Beauty Products


Jill has made her mark in both the Makeup Artisty arena and in the beauty business in the NYC area since the year 2000.  Her first magazine cover for an issue of Salons. It hit the newsstands then and from there her makeup skills for print photography took off. She has been especially successful and in-demand for Bridal and wedding parties makeup.  Her artistry has appeared on magazine covers, editorial in newspapers & magazines, plastered on billboards and buses, and in television commercials.  It's been worn on the faces of many video taped celebrity interviews on televison guests, news broadcasters, Red Carpet events. She loves that her work lives on in hundreds of treasured wedding albums and portraits. 


Jill has been a contributing writer of America’s Bride Magazine. Beauty editors ask to quote her regularly to share trends and beauty tips to their readers. She has been on the coveted HOT List of Makeup Artists for Weddings New York Magazine for eight consecutive years.  Jill Harth's skincare & cosmetics and makeup techniques have been worn on countless celebrities and continue to be worn on so many including Catherine Zeta Jones, Michelle Pfeiffer, Mary Tyler Moore, Julie Andrews,  Bob Costas, Larry Hagman, Sir Richard Branson, Kelly Ripa, Regis Philbin, Mayor Bill De Blasio, John Oates, and others. 




Jill's talents and services aren't just for the rich and famous, though. She uses her talents on women and men from all walks of life. She has used her personal touch on literally thousands of faces in her career. She is a true artist and expert on beauty for women and grooming for men of all ages.  She especially likes to do Mommy makeovers, corporate job hunting makeover assesments, and teaching women and men how to look better and year's younger without surgery.                                                                                                  



New York's best bridal makeup artist, Jill Harth
The Best Bridal Makeup Artist in New York, Jill Harth

VERY Early Years & Influences

Jill also was a teenaged model in New York City starting at 13 years old. She studied at Barbizon Modeling School and got her first formal makeup training there. She also learned early on what it’s like to work in front of a camera. She saw the magic of makeup and how much it could transform her own skin.  She read every book on makeup and how to apply it properly.  


"Way Bandy, Francesco Scavullo, Kevin Aucoin, Sandy Linter, Harry King, Donna Mills, are the talented makeup artists, photographers, actresses and hairstylists I idolized and learned from. I studied their work and practiced and duplicated it all the time."  


Jill knew she had skills and she put it to use on herself. 


"I was also so self concious as a teenager because I had terrible acne on my face starting from age 11.  I was always researching the best way to heal it, prevent it and cover it up. I became the cover up queen. I started mixing my own formulas from existing products that I found lacking.  I caused many clogged sink drains in my parent's house.  My poor dad was never fond of my oatmeal mask concoctions." 


She then turned her love of glamour and beauty into a career producing and directing world class Beauty pageants and Model Searches.


"The American Dream Calendar Girl Model Search was an amazing way to meet and study beautiful people. i watched and saw how these young women created their beauty and image with wardrobe, hair and makeup.  I saw everything backstage: how these young women arrived looking natural looking and rather plain and they turned themselves into stunningly attractive beauty queens and models. I picked up their tips and tricks. Many I never read in any book."


 She's traveled around the world working with young women from every state, nearly every country and every continent. She's been a judge for many pageants and model searches including Miss Universe, Miss USA, Miss Georgia USA, Miss Hawaiian Tropic and numerous local swimsuit and modeling contests. 





Jill Harth appeared on WLYNY's LIVE IT UP with Donna Drake as a Beauty Correspondent & as Key Makeup Artist for the host and guests.  Her work has been seen on television on such shows as Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, Extra, the CBS 2 News, CNN, CNBC, Regis & Kelly, My Fair Wedding with David Tutera, Say Yes to the Dress,  Inside Edition and many others. 


Jill knew she had an intense interest, desire to learn and a natural talent and ability in recreating makeup look from magazine covers. Not until she had the privilege of being an insider and working and learning from some of the best Celebrity photographers and renowned Portrait artists Dick Zimmerman, Pompeo Posar, Ralph Wolfe Cowan did she know creating beautiful looks with makeup was her calling. She worked with Dick Zimmerman in the early 80's at his amazingly cool Century City, California photo studio . It was the epitome of hip and the place to be at that time. It's where she met and watched him work with the biggest stars, celebrities and musicians of the the 1980's.

 "I watched and listened to Dick and how he related to his makeup and hair team.  He woudn't dictate the exact look, but communicated the feel of the photo he was going for.  He relied on his team to deliver his vision and they did.  I observed the best makeup and hair teams  and asked a million questions.  I loved every minute of it.  It's a tricky balance as an artist to make the photographer happy, the client, and make your vision a reality.  Sometimes it's a collaberation, sometimes it's not. It's an art, not a science, and beauty and art is always subjective. You are always up for criticism as an artist."

"Pompeo Posar was a renowned PLAYBOY photographer I personally posed for (photo credit to right)  who taught me how important makeup is to the specific setting and composition. He taught me how to create looks for different lighting situations.  He did a lot of closeup shots and insisted on  perfection with hair and makeup.


 Ralph Wolfe Cowan is a renowned fine portrait artist. Watching him work is how I learned about facial sculpting, contouring, and highlighting and changing bone structure.  I encourage any aspiring make up artists to research these amazing artistic talents.


I've had the good fortune of experiencing myself and watching first hand how enormously talented and celebrated artists created iconic photographs and fine art. I traveled extensively for photo shoots, shows, and the Academy Awards in Los Angeles in my teens and 20's. I loved it so much. I soaked up knowlege like a sponge every where I could. I have so many artistic influences that have inspired my current work. The best thing of all I learned how to be free to create and just realize that I am an artist, too, thanks to three amazing talents. By knowing and working with Dick Zimmerman, Pompeo Posar, and Ralph Wolfe Cowan and their famous and notable clients, I received a very unique, and priceless education. I learned so much observing these artists that NO formal school could ever teach me.  I learned how to be a REAL makeup artist. and a professional one at that. No other Makeup Artist has my artistic viewpoint.  It is unique to me only and I draw my creativity and talent from it.  I am grateful to be a professional, talented, working Makeup Artist in the biggest and most competitive city in the world!   I bring my artistic eye and knowledge to every client I work with. I also never stop learning and trying new techniques and products to share with everyone."   JIll Harth



 Some of the companies Jill's been affiliated with are Academy Awards, CBS Television,  Playboy, the Crystal Palace Casino and Nassau Wyndam Resort in Nassau, the Bahamas, Biersdorf, Aeroways Jets, Trimspa, the Howard Stern show Live from Atlantic City, Peter Nygard fashion, the New York Daily News, the New York TImes, Comcast, LI Newsday, the Elite and Ford Modeling Agencies, the Carol Baldwin Breast Cancer Awareness Fashion Show, Clinique, Victoria's Secret Beauty and many more. 

See what Jill Harth can do for YOU! 

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